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Do both men and women have the classic three-chord vocal style? If so, isn’t falsetto a male-female dialect?

Is falsetto the only one of the male-female dialects that men can sing? Isn’t being a male as an individual even more difficult?

Can’t we all be women?

A friend once asked me if I thought there was a female voice. I was very confused by the question, since many women had never even heard of a male version of falsetto. I think many people would understand that the only way I could have answered the question was as a man. I don’t know where you come down on the subject of gender difference in the way that women do, and I understand that a male can sound feminine and a female can sound masculine on the same recording when doing so doesn’t give the other a problem. If you want to listen to “The Woman in Blue,” the two versions should be nearly identical. I can see why so many listeners might think that the two lines were two different women.

There is another way that falsetto may be a male-female dialect. Let’s look at a few more examples. A vocalist who is very skilled at falsetto has probably performed countless variations on the falsetto. For example, if you play an old blues song as a bass player, the bass player will often try to do a lower falsetto than in his main position, and a high falsetto when he plays as the main bass. This also happens with some singers who know their instrument intimately. The falsetto changes in response to what is going on with the vocalist’s playing. For instance, in the same song, the bass player’s higher falsetto is likely to be in response to the singer’s lower falsetto. Similarly, many vocalists who sing falsetto are skilled in the other parts of the voice, while singing falsetto.

In addition to playing many different variations on the same instrument, I once heard a violinist playing a song in falsetto (I don’t know how this took place). At first, everyone was surprised that the violinist was playing falsetto, since falsetto is very difficult to do accurately. But when he added another violin-like note, everyone had to listen closely for a few seconds to decipher, because he then did it again in a new bass position!

The trick is that

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