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Do males have falsetto?

What does the frequency of a word in a set mean?

What is a word that seems to repeat itself repeatedly?

What is the number of words in some text?

What are the frequency numbers of some words?

Do these words have a different meaning if you replace the word with other ones?

What is the mean frequency of the following words?

What is the mean interval of the preceding two words in the sequence?

What does the frequency number of a phrase in a word table tell you about the words in your text?

What is your frequency of the word “hiccup”?

You will be able to answer these questions using this tool.

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As a result, the nation’s health care bill is a complex mess. In some ways, it appears unlikely to pass. But as in 2013 and 2014, there’s also the chance that the White House will get behind a compromise that keeps the American health care system afloat for at least another two years.

That is the hope, at least, of the group representing the nation’s insurance companies. They insist that a bill without huge disruption, without significant new taxes and without more substantial cuts to the public sector will pass — if the American public rallies around it.

“If we get to a point where people say, the president of the United States can do this, he can do everything, and the American people will be on board, then that’s a big if,” said John Bergmayer, the chairman of America’s Health Insurance Plans, a trade association of health plans that represent health insurers across the country. It is a sentiment Mr. Trump is likely to hear more often, as the details of the AHCA continue to emerge.

The president’s own campaign rhetoric is likely to be a big factor in the bill’s chances, as Trump continues to tout the benefits of the legislation in speeches and interview with reporters.
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Some Republican health activists, for instance, claim that the House bill would leave millions of people out of insurance — and that the White House must drop its calls for large cuts to Medicaid and the public health system. Their complaints are bolstered by analyses that the AHCA would add as much new

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