Can you learn to sing in 6 months? – How To Sing In Your Range

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No I can’t learn to sing in 6 months. It’s such a long time to spend in tune. I really have to focus on my breathing and I really really love to sing. It gets easier with practice. I feel comfortable when I’m performing I think.

What did you do before coming to Nashville?

I did some school here and there. I’d gone to school in South Africa as an intern and I loved it, I enjoyed it. I wanted to travel a little bit to get more out of it, but I’d never been to New Orleans before and I had to get back on that bus. I had my little boy with me though. I was able to stay with him for a couple of weeks and it’s a wonderful place to stay.

Where did you get your name and where does “Hair” come from?

I was living in Johannesburg and when I was living in South Africa I was a young rapper named Hawn. I was a really good singer but I didn’t have a good voice and I’d sing with my voice. I really didn’t know what I like. I went to South Africa and lived in a hostel. “Beezus” came after one line, “I’m gonna do something about that bad taste in my mouth.” I was in school, there were other girls singing. I really liked that line, “I’m gonna find some way to clean those things up.” So that started it. “Beezus” came from the name, the “B’s” were my parents, my middle name is Hawn and “Zum” is “Zum” and “T.”
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How did you become involved with T.N.D.?

I went to New York to open for Nelly and I asked him to be on the track. The people at T.N.D. did an amazing job. They were super nice and they really took care of me. When T.N.D. was in the studio, they would be singing to me, trying to get a feel for my voice for some reason. I never heard it before so it made me excited. “No, it’s really great.” T.N.D got the song and I was like, “Holy Jesus, he’s playing me that track.” And he’s like, “Hahaha, thanks.” So that’s how that really happened.

How was it for you to sing for T.

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