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In a word, yes. But there are several reasons why it hasn’t happened yet. Firstly, there is a whole new generation of young singers, who are trying to follow their inspiration rather than being influenced by the biggest names. Not only that, but many older singers are feeling the same way with the new generation that they are. So, when young stars aren’t good singers, it becomes a big problem for the whole group.

Secondly, the industry is so small that it simply can’t support everything, be it big stars or smaller singers with no big name exposure. It’s an important aspect of the scene that the big stars cannot just replace anyone else. If a new singer can do well, there must be a huge audience waiting for her every song. If her success isn’t fast enough for the major labels, she would never be signed.

The third reason is due to the fact that most of the artists are young. It’s not unusual for a 17-year-old to have the same songs that can be heard by the most well known 15-year-old. This means that they can make more money from songs that are in the top 40, instead of the top 40 and 40s.

As the main reason for the fact that the big singing stars have lost their popularity, the second one is probably also one of the main contributing factors when it comes to the decline of their number one songs. Because, in many cases, an artist who is not a superstar will be a failure since he has to sing a hit song, instead of a song that is suitable for a younger singer.

In order to achieve their dreams, many singers become greedy about recording their own music. This means that their songs are more likely to be on the top 40 since they are on a higher market. They also want to become “big stars” and also get new projects. They don’t want to be a young singer in his 20s.

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