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The authors argue that singers’ success can in part be attributed to the use of singing as a “tool of control” that also enables them to control audience behavior and to manipulate the lyrics of their songs. The authors do not make any claim on causation. The study is based on the idea that singing is “part of the repertoire of the dominant voice.” The authors argue that the presence of a certain style within a group of singers increases control over how the music is played and thus allows singers to control the lyrics and “use their voice less efficiently.” They suggest that the music the singers use is not the same when the musical style is the same.

Although the authors do not find any significant difference between the style of singers when they’re speaking to different audiences, they do find that the styles of singing that are most widely associated with success (with the exception of rock) are relatively homogenous. In fact, the authors find that “all of the styles of singing that are most widely associated with successful voices are very similar, that is, the most successful singers tend not to have any distinctive styles.” As the authors note in their introduction, singing is a flexible and changing instrument. The use of different styles is therefore unlikely to lead to any meaningful differences between singers.

As mentioned earlier in this report, one of the major strengths of the study is the extensive interview interviews conducted with about 500 opera singers with extensive music background. The authors also note that the singers were very enthusiastic about the topic and offered useful information on musical and singing theory.

The study focuses on a group of singers with a specific and specific range of cultural influences, as well as certain singing styles. Consequently, for many of the singers included in the study there is little or no overlap between the social groups of singers identified. This leads to a more conservative measurement than with other studies that attempt to evaluate the role of cultural influences on success in music. As such, the authors did not conduct a subgroup analysis of ethnic groups or the like. Instead, the authors report on the results of the interviews.

What does it all mean?

The study concludes at the end of their article with an important question about the role of cultural influences in musical success:
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“We consider that the role of cultural influences in musical success is more complex than simply the presence of a specific style (e.g., classical vs. opera) or one specific musical ensemble (e.g., traditional vs. modern). We emphasize that cultural influences may influence the

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