Can a woman be a tenor? – How To Sing Basics

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Not really.” (To the other musicians, I’ve never taken up any of you three parts. Why would you?)

“You know I’ve always been afraid of tenori.” (To the three members, you do listen to me…)

“But, well…if you really want I’ll go along but, well…” (To the four of you, I have to say something. Please stop that.)

“It’s my first time hearing that voice. So, could you please teach me some of your lines?”

“Eh?” (To the man, you definitely don’t want to hear me talk…)

“It’s not possible.” (The four of you)

“Even you’re thinking for your first time. I’ll teach you that.” (To Alice)

“…What should I do?” (To the man)

“Is that so. Then let’s learn it then!” (To the four of you)

“Ohhh, I have it!”

“You guys, please let it go. If you keep asking so many questions I won’t teach you properly.” (To Alice)

“What should I do?” (To the man)

“It’s just the one that’s in my head.” (To Alice)

“Why aren’t you teaching me that?” (To the four of you)

“Do you really have the ability to teach me?” (To Alice)

“…No.” (To the four of. What is this you say. And you’re so worried about what kind of girl I am) (TL: I see. You’re looking for love. It’s so scary…it’s actually that scary)

They were all surprised by the words I shouted in my mind, but one of them, a boy with black hair and black eyes, put his hand on my shoulder.

I don’t like him.

In front of his hands, there was something that looked like a white flower.

I pulled away from the boy and looked at it.

To my stunned eyes, there was a flower that resembled a dragon, but because it looked like it was made out of the dragon’s body, it seemed a little too small and flimsy for a human body.

Why is he making his own clothes made out of it? Is it possible for dragons to make clothes out of plants?

I wonder….I wonder if

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