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Well, at the very least, you can learn to play the guitar, and you can learn how to play the piano if you have an interest in melody. At present, however, singing is one of the least of our needs if for no other reason, it is considered to be a frivolous and a relatively non-valuable skill. The same applies to playing music. As previously mentioned, music is, quite simply, a means for finding a connection between a sound and a visual form (sound and image). When we sing, we are able to connect to the sound, to the sight and the sight can become the image, which is what we can call music when we sing. The key to this connection is a person’s natural ability to tune in and sing along, and, it must be said, it isn’t that difficult, in fact if you have a little patience it may be quite easy, depending on the person. The key is that no matter how good you are, or how good you can sing but if you don’t have a strong connection, you’re just as good as anybody else and there’s nothing to stop you from singing and playing a piano, or a guitar or even a violin in front of a group of friends and having a good time.

When people have had children or when their health has suffered and they need to do anything to cope with it or to relieve it, whether in a form of art or to get something of value through art, whether it is a form of therapy, whether it is to take the strain of the old way of life of the home and make it an adventure by starting afresh with something new and exciting so that they can still get the benefits of being part of a family.
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I cannot stress this enough, your relationship with something that you are experiencing can take a form of art, not merely of a performance but of a type of art when your relationship is as powerful as that of the artist/musician who created the experience or experience was in the first place. But to be able to sing in any of these forms you need to have a strong connection with something and the stronger that connection, the better you sing.

For now, all I want to focus on is how to create a strong connection and this is done by learning to sing. The first thing about it, the main things to focus on is your voice, what you hear in the ear drum, how you can bring up the sound into the voice of the vocalist and the harmony

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