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For many of the most accomplished artists, the answer is probably no! Many learn to play music on guitar or percussion only after their childhood, and some even never learn to sing. When it comes to singing, for this same reason, most people end up playing in an ensemble. That is, as an accompanist/performer or musician in a band, you perform in a group that incorporates other players. You may perform the solo, or you may be the vocalist in a group where other players also sing. When you are singing as an accompanist in a group, you may sing one or two words, sometimes not more than four or five. Some people think that you don’t “sing” when you are an accompanist, when, quite the opposite has happened.

Many artists have experienced a change in perspective when they listen to songs as unaccompanied. They realize that what they are doing is not “singing.” In many cases, their song begins with some kind of simple harmony, maybe with some melody. The main chords are present in the beginning of the song, and they progress from the beginning to the end. The rhythm follows the melody, and the harmony is present and often times the melody becomes the climax. They see themselves as a “song” that has been “sung” in one or two cases, rather than as a piece of music that is a “performance.” This change in perspective and perspective change, of course, are not always easy. As a listener, you may find yourself being caught in an illusion of choice. You are often trying to guess, just like, say, a child when they are trying to pick out that particular color and sound.

If you listen to your favorite music as it plays from the CD player or from your CD player speakers, listen to how each note on the keyboard or the drum sounds when the note is played. How much does the sound of the key change? This really helps in determining what one note is playing. Is it louder or quieter? Are you aware that you are hearing it?

The ability to understand a piece of music, especially the more complex pieces, often requires the ability to listen to a piece as it is sung by someone else. As you are playing the piece, think about the rhythm and the dynamics. Then, while you are listening to the vocal performance, think about it again, just as a child does when they try to pick out a particular color and sound. You want to understand the song as sung by the voice,

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