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I think you are going to end up eating some of this…

No, wait, the name is literally ‘trap’. I want to eat it! The rest is going to taste great! We don’t have a lot of time here, so we will just be eating and talking to each other for a long time.

I am so intrigued with you! How did you end up in this situation?

After reading a book by David and Katherine Ryan, I heard they had a podcast on Youtube called The David and Katherine Show. That immediately piqued my interest because there seemed to be really interesting people in the comments section. My first conversation with someone on there was them saying that they felt so much like me that they decided to record the podcast. The podcast had over 8,000 subscribers, and we quickly found the host who made the videos. I decided I would become a regular on this show and watch the next episodes with them and find out why they are doing what they are doing. Over time I found out they have made a number of videos, and they have been really good at telling fun stories about everything from music to politics. Since then, I have watched and listened to a lot of episodes. For starters, I have gotten a lot of information about various topics that aren’t usually covered in my other podcasts. It’s like having a conversation with someone who was there the day they decided to make this documentary in the first place.

I have a few questions for you, such as what kind of person would you say was behind the production of the movie? What’s your opinion of the movie? I am thinking this would be the main theme of the movie in light of the controversy in America.

The main theme of the movie is the “dangers of radical Islam.” It’s about terrorism but it’s also about the evils the current Administration has unleashed, the fact that we can’t make peace with the Islamic extremists in Iraq, Iran and elsewhere. We just can’t. We have to go for military confrontation – which was the plan when they invaded Iraq in 2003 because those Sunni Arabs were about to rise up again. It’s the same with China and Russia now, there is a reason they’re up there – and we know why. They’re both at war with us. This country is in the middle of a vicious political fight with a lot of people who don’t want it. There have been numerous terrorist acts, and a lot of people died, but there are more terrorists than

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