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The rapper, who once joked about putting his entire family in jail if they didn’t work, said Monday he would take a loss on his personal brand.

“I don’t do what I used to do. I have to work harder,” the rapper told Howard Stern. “They want the whole family in jail. I’m richer. Diddy’s richer. I do all the work in making great music. I go to the hospital twice a week.”

Diddy himself is a millionaire, he joked, adding that only Jay Z was as rich as him.

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For many years now, the European Union has been trying to develop a common EU visa regime to ensure a uniform visa policy among member states.

While the first proposal, in the 2000s, attempted to make the 28 members of the EU use a single visa policy, this was later dropped and the new plan was to create a single European visa policy. The first attempt was also set on a date of 2020 whereas the plan is aiming for a 2035 date.

After a good amount of negotiation and the EU countries reaching agreement, the new visa regime was formally approved in May 2017. Unfortunately, it is still not in place.
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In fact, the European Commission has still yet to present the new visa regime proposal for the 27 member states.

A quick analysis shows that no significant progress has been made on this problem.

The most obvious point is that the proposal has been adopted in one of two ways — in one of its main forms (for countries like Italy, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Romania) or in its second main form (for other countries that are either under the EU’s jurisdiction or can adopt stricter rules). The two modes of interpretation don’t always match up. In the case of the former, the proposal is set on a date that will likely never be reached either, such as 2050.

In both cases, the problem has only been partially solved. Instead of being uniform to all 28 member states, the proposal is not a single visa solution, but an intergovernmental arrangement for applying a common set of rules.

The third point is a somewhat difficult one. The plan itself has been adopted in both of its forms and is not in any way mandatory. In order for that to be true, another proposal needs to be adopted as well (for example, as in the case

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