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There’s nothing wrong with having a passion when it comes to writing, but there’s no one more suited to rap than someone who actually works in the music industry.

Do you feel comfortable in your career as a rapper?

I love my job, but I don’t have any trouble living life as a real living human being.

Will we get to see you in a music video someday?

I don’t think so.

Will you retire when you’re old or young?

My future is uncertain. I can’t say whether it’ll be this or next, but I am looking forward to it for the future.

Did you know that you got a Grammy nomination?

Yeah, but no one expected an award for rap. So, I’m proud.

What are you doing now?

I’m working on a few movies with my brother. I recently started working on My Cousin Vinny’s Band, and it’s a big project that spans from 2005 to 2017.

Are Vinny and your other brother, Johnny, close friends?

No, we’re still great as friends. They’re just friends.

You have a large network of friends. How do you keep your life organized?

I don’t really have a lot of friends. I’m a very private person. I try and follow my instincts but sometimes I don’t. But if I did that I wouldn’t have time for the other friends I have.

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What’s your current best friend like in real life?

Dani [Cocci, who’s also a rapper and producer]. At the time we were doing a recording session together and she said “hey I like your voice.” I was just thinking, “what?!” I didn’t even realize that she liked my voice. We talked about me in a positive way that made me feel good. You know what’s strange? When everyone likes your voice, your song sounds like you just went to a karaoke bar.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

In the crowd, people look at you like they’re crazy but they’re very respectful of things that you do. For example, I love making people laugh and getting that moment, and my favorite moment is when someone yells, “F*ck!” because it means good to me. But if another person yells “F*ckin’ K*llin!” at me, it’s like “That

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