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It started with this album. “Gang Related” came when I was in London, I was still writing my album, and it was like a real album, but I was only listening to the music and was not really working at it. So I was working on this album, “Gang Related”, but it’s the kind of music you can listen to and make out a verse and you can feel a rhyme. You can’t make the beat, you can’t write the words, but you still feel what’s going on.

Is it something you thought about for a really long time?

The thing that helped me to make a conscious decision was after the release of “Gang Related”, it was getting attention. That was when I really knew that I needed to leave my mark or do something different. I wanted to do a project with other people and make a record, and I really wanted the album to be like a project, just like I wanted my first album to be, without a single mic or a laptop or something like that. But I wanted to do it through production, because I really thought about it.

What happened? You said you left the studio because you lost your focus?

Yeah. I think to be honest, most people don’t know how much work it’s really like. The biggest thing is that we’re just trying to make things happen. I’ll go on a weekend and have six or seven days where I don’t have nothing. I’ll call up somebody from another producer and they should be able to get some music. You can only be in a studio for so many hours and be working on something like “Gang Related”. The amount of time you need to just be with your mates.

“Gang Related” is a record about a very young rapper who came back from being homeless and got his money backā€¦


What was the first album you made that really impressed you? What made you buy your first record? What was its vibe?

It was just a bunch of rapping, like an album. [Laughs]

It has a good vibe at first, and then it gets a bit too easy?

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Y’know, this one I think is a bit too easy, but I mean, yeah, it’s a good record and I think everyone gets it.

And what made you stop, you stop trying to make music and just focus on rap?


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