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Rap Monster has the best beat and flow for BTS.” — Rap Monster, Rap Monster (@RapMonster) October 24, 2016

“I like to write a lot of melodies and songs, but I don’t have much of that.” — Rap Monster, Rap Monster (@RapMonster) October 22, 2016

Rap Monster’s lyrics are his most prolific work, but many of his songs are only available behind a pay wall. To remedy this, Rap Monster released a pay-what-you-want song called “Rapper’s Anthem,” which includes a new version of “DNA.” In addition, Rap Monster is streaming “DNA” for free for the first week after its release, and then the download will become available for all.

If you want to download “DNA,” you can do so by visiting the “Rap Monster” YouTube channel. “Rap Monster” will release an official “DNA” album later this year, but for now, fans can stream the song via YouTube.

“DNA” features guest appearances from H.E.R.G.E.N.Y. from Atlanta, SZA from New York City, and BTS member Rap Monster.

Dell’s latest XPS 15 Ultrabook (pre-L11 and L11 models are still on sale) is basically identical to the previous model’s specifications. Only the addition of the Thunderbolt 3 specification and of course the price difference.

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The screen with a resolution of 3380×2160 provides a resolution that is comparable to a Full HD (1080P) display and can deliver a lot of power too for such a beautiful screen with its Full HD screen mode. Its contrast ratio of 7,000:1 is pretty impressive, especially in the dark. A matte screen mode with its brightness of only 140 cd/m2 has its drawbacks too.

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In terms of performance the XPS 15 is a real beast in all categories and its performance in benchmarks shows in the table below. We can say it is the best all-around laptop we have tested, period.

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