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“If my heart just got a little faster / I’d say ‘What is this?’ / I couldn’t even tell if it’s fake or right.”

— Rap Monster

Why is it that only a few people know who Rap Monster is? When I see him, and it’s only one of many times where I see it, I always think to myself, “What is going on with him?” But, honestly, it’s because of his music. When other rappers rap the fastest, they’re only playing a part. Rap Monster has the ability to rap in a way that he just goes off; he’s more free and more free-spirited. And I’m like, “Why aren’t I doing that? Why isn’t Rap Monster?” Even if he only says fast when we’re having a good time, it’s still a very good track. There’s nothing else I can think of.

— T.I. and Jeezy

What’s your favorite type of candy?

There’s one type of candy I like… the candy with the bright white shell.

What food is your guilty pleasure?


What’s the first thing that happens when you wake up?

I wake up like ‘Bama!

What’s the first thing that happens when you are asleep?

I wake up like ‘Bama!

What’s your favorite type of girl?
Rap God (Clean Version) on Spotify

I’m really not good with girls. I just like guys. I like girls that have a little bit of an attitude. It’s hard for me to relate to girls that want to play the woman in hip-hop, and I’m like, “Okay, girl. Go for it.” Like I’m not a boy. No. So, I try to keep away from that.

What is your biggest accomplishment?

When I was 17 years old, I won a rap competition. And because of that, I was the biggest rapper in Korea after Daehyun. So now, Rap Monster is the biggest in Korea.

When you’re not on stage, what are you watching on TV?

The Superstars. I like to watch them when I’m bored or when I’ve got nothing to work on. When I’m bored, I just start watching, “Oh, who’s the new kid on the block?”

When you’re off stage, what are you doing?

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