Who raps the fastest in BTS? – Learn To Be Rap God Fast Part Instrumental Worship

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J-Hope and Rap Monster. I can say that because in 2017, he has reached #21 on the Top Rappers list in the Billboard 200 and the Billboard Hot 100. He also holds the rank as the #1 Rap Rap Solo artist on Billboard’s Artist Artist Rank.

Where else do you get your news from?

I listen to my favorite news from different perspectives and listen to different news for different reasons. I am the first person to share news about BTS on my personal social media profile @SugarKeiMinah and I also share news about our albums and upcoming concert dates. If there are things you want on my wall, you can see it there.

What’s one thing I should know before I get married?

Make sure to go to the airport every day and make sure you wear those green heels your mom suggested you wear. Also make sure to wash off those dirty lipstick stains you left on that dress you bought last Friday!

Who is your favorite artist?

I believe that everyone wants to see them on top of their game. I like BTS but I like them all. I think everyone is awesome. I don’t say that only BTS! I say everyone. There are a lot of artists that I am in awe of like Hani in the UK, I hope we get more people here in Korea to see them. I am in awe of Hani too.

Are you currently dating?

Oh no! No! No and NO to dating! I think I am in love just with BTS and I don’t want to date.

There may be no more reliable predictor of happiness of an individual’s lifetime than self-reported health – that’s one reason why we can’t leave our phones at home. But one study recently found that the more of us who use our phones, the less we feel in control of our mental state. In short: We are more of a slave to technology than we think!

The new study, led by neuroscientist Mark Pagel of New York University, found that the more people use their phones, the less they feel in control of their moods. The study, which is published in PLOS One, found a decrease in control in participants who used their phones to send or receive text messages 24 and 48 hours a day. They also rated their mood as more negatively.

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Pagel says that this research could hold important consequences for people, and that it could

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