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D.T. Taylor

When I first heard the song, I heard hip hop, and suddenly I was hearing the music of the first time I heard a hip hop song. And by the second and third time, I was hearing my hometown. The beat, the lyrics, the delivery… I felt a whole new feeling, like I was getting older.

The thing I love the most about Black Rock City is the authenticity, the spirit and the authenticity of the music is so real. The fact that these people are being allowed to come and bring their culture with them, to express love of their own culture is extremely powerful.

What made you want to make a band with other musicians?

I think about why I did it, to be honest, and I think the question is, “Why don’t you guys just do another music video to play for the band? Or another thing to do? Why are you all hanging out together, working together? Why don’t you take the band out for a dinner party or something to just chill? That’s all great and all… but nobody is talking about the real reasons we came together, the reason we started doing what we’re doing, the reason we’re here.

All those things were happening right before me, but the reason we made these films was to share the same experiences I felt growing up in a small town. So, that’s always been my driving factor—I’m not an artist. No, I’m just someone who is so grateful to be able to share that music.

What is the story of “Livin’ On a Prayer”?

It was a lot of work for me to get the timing right and get it to the right angle, but I had a lot to say about the film. I wanted to make something about a woman. I didn’t want it to be a film about a woman that wasn’t about a woman. I wanted it to be a film of a woman. I didn’t want it to be just a bunch of dudes who are in trouble, but I also didn’t want it to be just about dudes. It should have been about every other woman that is in trouble. I wanted to make something about every person in trouble. It wasn’t so much about women, because I got that, I get that. But I thought the story needed to be about a woman who is being held back at this point in time.

There’s a scene

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