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It’s a race between two kids from Ohio. The winner will take home $10 million.

J. Cole’s mother, who lives in Miami and lives in South America, and his father, who has multiple jobs and is a stay-at-home father, live in South Carolina. They grew up as a part of the African American community, where the young Cole’s father often preached a gospel of hard work. In Florida, he would work a long day at a construction site before getting home.

It wasn’t until Cole was 18 that he began to express feelings of inadequacy. “It wasn’t until I came to Miami and met the people that I have in that world, that I started feeling like I need that world, that I need to put on some shoes to live in and get some shit taken care of,” said Cole, who is currently working on his sixth studio album. “It’s not just going to be about how hard I’m trying and when I’m trying to get to the next level. When you feel like, you got a lot, you got all your shoes. You got your pride. Just trying to be comfortable with what you got.”

A few years ago, Cole attended a charity event in Miami and met his idol, DJ Quik. After a series of conversations, Cole met up with Quik and their mutual friends in Miami. Cole said people he knew in the city made him feel welcome: “It was weird because people were like, ‘Man, you got to get out there. We can make more history than you can with the way that you talk. We can take a little of that street attitude and then build it up.'”

As Cole matured in Miami, he developed a passion for music and music education.

In high school, he started playing with a local hip-hop group called The Lizzies. The Lizzies recorded three CDs and gave them to a DJ who gave them to a company that produced the album that the group ended up recording. He started to study music theory and went on to become a co-founder of Miami’s Dade College of Music.

Cole became fascinated with studying music in college, but in order to study music at the advanced level he needed to be allowed, he and his mom wanted to take his music and create the album with a few teachers from his school.

They did.

On Saturday, May 14, Cole performed at Miami’s World Famous Music Hall as part of

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