Who is the hardest rapper? – Learn Rappelling

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I don’t like to give the same answer to all. RZA had the hardest rhymes in the world for like two years. A few years ago, he was like, ‘Yo! What are you doin’ in the studio?’ I got like a $60 million contract, no one ever saw me rap over a $30 million contract. But he just wanted to hear the best. When he put it out, he didn’t even need to hear my verse to rhyme to it. I just said something about the city and he said, ‘What is the most fucked up shit I’ve seen in my life?’ I said, ‘I remember when people started putting out $40 million records. So if it ain’t a four-minute track, there’s nothing wrong with putting it out. That shit is hard.’ So I put it out. And the next time he said that, I said, ‘I heard another $40 million song, fuck it, why the fuck aren’t you rhyming one about that? You wanna be in the game now? Come on.’ I don’t really want to give it out with one rhyme that I put out or the last word he says.

Pusha T

This is so easy. I’m on the road so much, and I’m so tired. I feel like I’m on the stage. People are gonna be like, ‘Yo, Pus, you were off the stage and what are you doing?’ This is what I’ve been saying to Pus: ‘Man, it’s fun to be around these guys in a real capacity and do it now. We gonna do the next seven years, and I’m gonna have eight children. I’m gonna be like, ‘I’m gonna be a good dad.’ People ain’t gon’ wanna hear that, man. So I’m on the road; they’re like, ‘Oh, Pus, you need some sleep.'”


What have you been doing lately?


I was so tired today. I was working out, I was working out like, ‘Yo! What are you doing?! Why don’t you work through the night?!’ I’m not really into that. The last day off, I felt like I was gonna faint in the night. I got no choice at all.


You want to know where I’m goin?


Where I’m

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