Who is the first rapper? – At What Level Does Starmie Learn Rapid Spin

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Kanye West is the first rapper, and then he became the first rap artist. He has become the top rapper, and he’s also the first rapper in the past few, he started in the 1990s. His music is unique. And the whole thing has been created by him. So I think it’s really interesting. It’s like music that you will never hear, and there are no rules that I can find for how it should be played, no principles, no anything. The rules are so complex that you cannot do it. But the way to do it has already been created.

The first song I ever made was with a friend of mine named Kanye. And it was called “Runaway.” And he said, “Come, give me an idea.” And what I did was I listened to Kanye’s beats, and then I took his lyrics, and I altered them. And that’s how I made this song. And I’m like, “OK, now I’ve got to do this with Kanye.” And it really was very simple, but it was very cool, and I’ve played that song hundreds of times.

You’ve also done some remixes of Kanye’s songs like “Runaway.” Where did that track come from?

There were a lot of requests for remixes of those kinds of songs, and I did them all. I was just trying to be a little bit more original in our music. At that point in my life, I wasn’t making albums, but I was really happy with what people were doing with our music. And I decided to do this, and I told Kanye, and of course it went well, as long as he didn’t think it was shit. And he understood. So he made those remixes—not really because of the songs. But for the other parts of the album, for the songs that weren’t on that album and for that whole time the album was working and he hadn’t done many of the songs yet. And so we just worked on them together. We would create them together.

So, that’s the beginning of 808s and Heartbreak?

Yeah, there were some other tracks and there were some other versions, but 808s is the one that became big, right from the beginning. And the main reason was we didn’t have the equipment. The album was done through the internet. So it was a very, very difficult time, because the internet was like a new thing at the time.

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