Who is the best Korean rapper? – Rap Tutor

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Benny Blanco

Kendrick Lamar

Woo Jin Bo

Sugah Khan


Woo Jin Bo is a rising star in the Korea of today. The 23 year old and 5’0″, 135 lbs rapper has gained plenty of momentum in the K-Pop scene over the past few years. Currently he is signed with Sullivant Entertainment and is performing and releasing his first album. With 5 Top 10 K-Pop Songs and 1 Top 25 K-Pop Song, Woo Jin Bo can compete with the top rappers in the world.

Which member of Kdramas does the Korean media hate the least?

Kim Jae Won

Jae Hwan

Lee Jae Hyoon

Ahn Jae Kyu

What’s your life goal as a singer in Korea?

To become an international celebrity in Korea.

In your opinion where should the Korean media focus their news and articles?

Hear more. Read more. Watch more.

Which K-pop performer would you most like to have a Korean fan meet?

Gangbuk – I would be delighted if he was able to meet a fan.

What do you hope to achieve in life as a Korean singer?

To become a foreign national celebrity.

What is your number one talent?

My talent is not speaking a single word of Korean.

What’s your favorite moment as a Korean songwriter?

I was surprised at my first success when I was asked to give up my first song.

Which Kdrama do you prefer to listen to?

One of my favorite moments was during the beginning for the “Super Junior” series. Then, I was feeling that I wanted to become a superstar, because I was listening to some of the greats when I was young. Then, I was surprised at my second success.

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