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Jinhwa, aka Ji-Hoon, has been ranked No. 1 in South Korean rap music for four years running, and in 2017, he moved into the top spot again for the second consecutive year. The former 2NE1 member has released five mixtapes (six if you count his two EPs), two mini-mixtapes and three solo releases so far.

With a rap style known for its hyperbolic delivery reminiscent of 2NE1’s Dara, he’s been named the “Rapper of the Year” by VH1 every year since 2009. Jinhwa is one of only three rappers to be named the “Most Stylish Rapper, Rapstar in the World” in 2014, and the year before that, he was named the “Most Stylish Rappers and Rapstar in the World” for the third year in a row. Now, thanks to the help of Rap Monster, we can add this new accolade to his growing list.

Check out this video of him from Billboard to see what makes the world’s fastest rapper special.

You can also view the full rap ranking.

Koreans can follow a growing trend of their own.

This year the fastest-earning rap star in Korea is TaeTiSeo, a hip hop artist from Seoul, South Korea. According to Forbes, TaeTiSeo has earned $15.5 million this year. But, even before his music career got off the ground, TaeTiSeo’s social media presence led to his rise to the top in the country.

According to Forbes, TaeTiSeo’s popularity stems primarily from his “Famous” Facebook page, where he has over 30,000 friends. He’s even appeared on the hit reality show ‘Show Me the Money 2.’

Another popular Korean rapper making a name for themselves right now is Psy, whose album Gangnam Style was released last year in addition to his other projects – including the album ‘I AM Psy’ – all made by Psy’s own label, Music Works.

You can read all about Psy from Forbes, here, including how he got started in music and his thoughts on the success of “Gangnam Style.”

And you can find every top Korean hip hop artist on the Forbes 2016 list here:

Korea has its own top artists.

This year, in addition to TaeTiSeo and Psy,

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