Who is fastest rapper? – Wanna Learn Rap God Fast Part Words

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Pascal Cetin

Who is most impressive?

Antonio Cerrone

Who is the best fighter?

Bruno Machado

Who is the best athlete of the day?

Marvin Bagbo

Who is the first man to beat Michael Bisping?

Evan Dunham

Favorite food?

Grilled cheese

Favorite drink?


Fun fact about you?

Wins 1-3, losses 0-2

How many kids were born in your camp?


What is the name of the person who invented the hand towel?

David Lee

What is the name of the movie that was filmed on your camp, the scene where you were throwing the punches, the song you were doing at the end of the movie, and more?

It’s a long one

Who is the hardest pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC, in your opinion?

Mitch Gagnon

How well do you practice?

Very well

Name your four favorite fighters:

Rafael dos Anjos


Cody Gibson

Who is the best person to see on a Saturday night?

Josh Rupp

What are your goals as opposed to career goals?

Finish my training camp, and then I will be ready for Bellator 162

Who was the toughest opponent you have put together in the UFC?

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Eddie Alvarez

Who do you consider to be the most difficult fighter you have ever been put up against, in your opinion?

Ricky Hatton

Who do you love most in the world?

My girlfriend

What do you feel is the best compliment you can give the person you consider to be your enemy?

If I wasn’t a boxer, I would say, “You are great at what you do, but you suck a lot more than you show.”

I believe in it, it’s part of my character, and I’m not afraid to face adversity. I’m an individual like that.

Would you rather fight two times a year or a lot?

I enjoy fighting a lot. I know I’m a pretty competitive fighter, so that doesn’t really work. I’d rather fight a lot. The problem with that is I’m often fighting with the best

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