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In the first place, no, not Jay-Z, it is not the guy who dropped “No Church in the Wild.” It is, without a doubt, the guy who has the most followers on Twitter, who is the best paid, who can get his lyrics out with an extra twist.

The fastest rapper in the world is probably the famous French producer Dannic. With 13 million Twitter followers, he has the second-highest per-capita following among the world’s fastest-moving artists (after Drake with 14 million).

The second-fastest is Lil Wayne. The rapper is known for such tracks as “A Milli,” “Hate That I’ve Gotta Feeling,” “T.I.F.F.E,” and “I’ma Call The Shots, ‘Cause There Are No Thuds.” With 8.5 million Twitter followers, Wayne is also fastest in terms of followers per-capita.

So who is the fastest, though, of all these rappers? It’s obviously Drake, who is estimated to have an estimated 2.1 million Twitter followers.

Drake’s fastest follower is, of course, his cousin, rapper Future, who is said to have more than a million Twitter followers. However, he actually does not seem to be the world’s fastest rapper — perhaps a result of having a huge Twitter following.

While all members of our Fastest Twitter Rapping List are very talented and have a large social following, none really rank first among his peers on Twitter. In fact, we believe all of these fast risers — Lil Wayne, Dannic, Wayne, Drake, Future, Future, Future, DMC, Young Thug, Jadakiss, Future — have reached a high in popularity but not a high in following and/or Twitter following.

These are not the fastest rappers out there; they are the highest-performing rappers on Twitter.

So, who is the fastest rapper in the world today? It is not Drake. But who does have more followers than him? No one, really. It seems to me that Lil Wayne has had the most followers on Twitter in the past 12 months — about 400,000! That’s almost 1,500 (or roughly) Twitter accounts followed him on a regular basis! So we agree with the other Fastest Twitter Rapping List members that Lil Wayne is probably the fastest rapper out there!

Who ranks fourth among his fast followers on

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