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The original gangsta rap was written in the 1950s by black gangsta rap artists. According to their lyrics, the gangsta rapper is the best or most violent person who is able to control their own actions – and if that doesn’t mean the gangsta rapper knows how to murder someone, they haven’t got the skills to rap or make a movie or whatever. As the gangs grew, so did the artists who created gangsta rap music. So now you have Eminem and Biggie and Tupac and others.

How big are Gangsta Rap?

Gangsta rap is the largest group of hip hop music in the world today. The most popular rappers in the world are Eminem and Biggie and Tupac, and they’re probably the most successful. These artists have sold millions of albums and millions of singles throughout their careers. Gangsta rap music has become known by the acronym G-F-R.

How were Gangsta Rap born?

While there are many rap artists in the world today, and each one of them has a different style, a common denominator about them is that they are gangsta rap artists. However, because it was a relatively new genre of rap music, no-one had any definition of what gangsta rap is or how it was made.

So it was quite a shock when a gangsta rapper from South Los Angeles made the claim that he and his cohorts were just another rapper who just rapped a song. They said “I invented gangsta rap” on a street in Compton, California. They created the term “gangsta rap”, and everyone just accepted that definition for gangsta rap without thinking hard about what rap actually was.

It wasn’t the only gangsta rap to spread. It spread to other cities in America, all over the United States. People would just accept a new rap style as gangsta rap. So now you’ve got Eminem and B.o.B and everyone else.

The Gangsta Rap movement

This movement of gangsta rap music first made headlines and was taken quite seriously. The first rappers started to use the phrase “gangsta rap” to describe their songwriting techniques. In their lyrics, they described their music as “rap music” and didn’t really make it gangsta rap or rap music. They were very open with the community in Compton, California and the people wanted to hear their music – but nobody really knew if they were gangsta rap artists.

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