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I was told that some days I had to get up and walk the dog by myself. I also started walking the dog by myself and it became very difficult. I ended up becoming very sick because of that.

What word rhymes with poop?


Yes, I have a poop fetish—I like to hold a poo in my mouth, chew on something and just let it out. I’m also pretty clumsy.

What word rhymes with pussy?


My mom used to tell me that whenever my sister came over I would pretend I didn’t like her and start to cry hysterically. She would get mad, but I would still pretend I didn’t mind. And then eventually something like a wet condom would get lost somewhere and I would go to pee.

What word rhymes with pussy lips and ass?


My cousin used to tell me about this woman who would put her ass over her pussy lips when they were kissing.

What word rhymes with anal?


I heard that anal sex was bad, but after trying it, I think it’s totally awesome!

The city is in the midst of the most serious construction boom in its history. With hundreds of new housing units and hundreds more planned, it’s hard to imagine that all is not going to be a bust after all.

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A new report on the construction boom released this week highlights some of the big challenges the city is facing, among them housing costs, congestion and gentrification.

The report was authored by the Urban Center, the organization responsible for promoting gentrification in Philadelphia. It’s the first report on the subject to be officially released, but it’s by no means new. The Urban Center has been studying the effect of new construction on the city’s affordability, for years.

It doesn’t break it out further, but it definitely lays out some of the problems:

“As Philadelphia continues to expand the construction zone, the area now covered by new housing stock is rapidly growing. The total area of new housing is about seven times greater today than it was 30 years ago.”

“This means that as our overall population continues to grow, the number of people who will need supportive housing will also grow. In contrast, our affordable housing needs will decrease.”

There are certainly some caveats to keep in mind when examining such a broad number. First, the report notes that Philadelphia does not currently

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