What word rhymes with Crazy? – Leap 2 Learn Rapid City Sd Restaurants City Island

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Answer: “Crazyshoes”…and “Crazy”.

1. What do you call a man who has sex with more than one girl?

Answer: A Crazee.

2. Do you believe in God?

Answer: Yes, I do!

3. What is the first thing that people look at when they meet you?

Answer: A craza!

4. What is the first thing that you do in class?

Answer: I say, “I don’t know, you’ve got some good eyes you know.”

5. What is the last thing people say to you?

Answer: Crazees.

6. What do you take out of school?

Answer: A cool camera that records all of your class time

7. Which of the following is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done?

Answer: Crazeeing.

8. If you had to choose a profession, what would your profession be?

Answer: Psychologist. No, definitely not psychiatrist but…I’d be a psychiatrist.

9. If you had to do it all over again what would you do?

Answer: The same thing I did before in college.

10. What is your preferred food?

Answer: Crazee.

11. Should you take a vacation once in a while?

Answer: I definitely would.

12. Which two words describe you best?

Answer: Crazee.

13. Do you have a crush on anyone?

Answer: Yes! Crazee!

14. What do you call someone who looks at you and says, “How did you do that?”

Answer: A hombre

15. What is the name of your favorite kind of chocolate?

Answer: Chocolate Crazee

16. If you could change one thing about myself, who would it be?

Answer: Crazee

17. What is your favorite color and why?

Answer: Crazee.

18. If you had the chance to be a celebrity in any sport, what sport would you choose?

Answer: Football.

19. Who is your favorite person in all of life?

Answer: Crazee.

20. What is the song that you love

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