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It’s called “Hands to Myself (Remix)” – there’s a guy I used to meet down in Miami who was a DJ and he used to play hip hop on that DJ booth and he used to have all this good songs, like the original Run-DMC, and he got really into that. You know, these big artists got so many songs to choose from like Run-DMC’s “Walkin’,” and all of them were on the radio so now all of them are out there, it’s this big thing, and I was still on, like, a dial up, so I couldn’t listen to a lot of that music. But, when I turned on the game, I was like, “I ain’t got nothing going on! This hip hop is crazy! This shit has this crazy tempo!” So I got excited about it and I was like, “Let’s try this!” So I played it on there and at first, I didn’t get that shit and I didn’t really know the tempo, what people in the city knew the tempo of, but I was pretty good at it so I picked it out pretty quickly, but then, I was like “This shit has this stuff going on! I get it!”

What were your initial influences growing up?

My dad was from the South, so he was influenced by that stuff too, but I didn’t really get a chance to listen to that much music, I always had “Swingin’ Like a Prayer” and it kinda gave me a pulse, but not the whole package. I got into “B.O.B.” by Public Enemy, “Straight Outta Compton” and some of the more hip hop stuff like that, but you know, it ain’t the whole thing, you know? Once you get into it, you start to understand the shit that’s going on in those songs, but it’s always in that context, because at the time, it was still just about making your records and trying to make your beats and just trying to make something out of it, but now that it’s about hip hop culture, the whole world is getting into it.

What was your father like?

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He was like “If I could have one son, he is going to become a millionaire rapper! He’s going to play in the NBA! He’s going to hit record records!” He was so into that. My mom was into things like the same. She

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