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How much money has Lil Dicky made and how much has he made? Let’s take a look at some numbers that you might have heard before.

$2 Million (Lil Dicky)

Lil Dicky has made 1,038,865,600 dollars in revenue from 2010 to 2015. Now compare this figure to Justin Bieber, the 19 year old born singer who is worth $20 million. The difference between Lil Dicky and Bieber as a rapper is that Lil Dicky was born a year earlier in 2011, while Bieber is 15 years younger. Even though Lil Dicky was born four years ago, his earnings from all of his songs since then are only about $100,000 USD. This brings us to the $2 million dollar number.

$400 Million (Lil Dicky)

Even though Lil Dicky is the biggest name in rap right now, he isn’t quite at the same level as Bieber: he’s made $300 million since 2010. Though he has made this much money, there are other rappers who were born just a few years earlier who were already earning a million dollars or more as of 2015.

$400 Million (Lil Dicky)

Lil Dicky earned $400 million from the music industry through his 2013 album, Slime Season III, which sold over 150 million copies worldwide. There were four other songs released on the album that made Lil Dicky earn $200 million.

$200 Million (Lil Dicky)

This one is somewhat obvious but it’s worth remembering for this article: Lil Dicky earned $200 million from the music industry.

$500 Million (Lil Dicky)

This one wasn’t as obvious because there were actually two different $500 million number. In a press release from his label, Dicky said that he earned “roughly $250 million” through 2013. This number is based off of the amount of money the four remaining records, Slime Season III with three songs, Cash Money Records, and Oddisee’s The New Rich Allowed Themselves to Become Rich.

$400 Million (Lil Dicky)

These are the first of Lil Dicky’s albums that are on his debut album, Slime Season III, which sold just over 1 million copies worldwide. His debut album was released in 2011 and he made $400 million from the music industry.

$500 Million (Lil Dicky)

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