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“Haein,” I guess we would call it here in Japan. “Crazy” may come from “Hae” as well, but that might be an incorrect translation. It’s more like “Lul.” That’s what the Japanese call it. That was the one that was actually written that way. There was actually something wrong with the “y” in “Lul.” You could say “Crazy” but it would be “Haein” in Korean.

Was music ever an important part of your education? No, music wasn’t really a significant part of my education at all because I never had a chance to listen to it at school. There were a few times when I did. I remember when I was about ten years old, listening to music, and I would sit there and think “What if?” That’s how I began listening to music.

When I was a little kid, music just filled up my mind, my heart, my soul. It was the biggest thing to me. When I was a kid, I was like a little kid in a giant machine, and I went through all the big stuff that we were taught about things like love, death, and life. It was exciting to me. Music really was there in the back of my mind. We knew that because we used to listen to Japanese bands like the Velvet Underground every day when we were little children.

I think if I had known about music at that age then, I would’ve been more interested in that sort of thing. But I don’t think I would’ve been interested in listening to music.

Were you always going to get into dancing? A little bit, yes, yes. I had heard that some dances were good as well, because back then it was called “K-pop” dancing – because it was Korean things that went together with Japanese songs. I was never into anything like that. And I really didn’t know much about dancing at that time. Just the fact that I could learn to juggle things in that short time frame, I don’t really remember it being something that I wanted to do. I think it was as much for fun as it was for performance.

Did you become obsessed with singing as you matured? Yes, yes. One thing I really liked doing was talking up singing in my head. It was a way that I could express myself without getting overly excited. I was just like “Wow!” So yeah, it was definitely something that I

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