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Is it a “rap”? Is that all it is? How do you define “rap”? I’m not sure. There’s a lot of Korean “rap” out there. There are rappers like G.O.O.D. Monday that have an actual music background. But I’ve always thought rap is a genre of music where it’s not only the beats that get you in the head, but also the vocals and the lyrics.

It just comes down to knowing if you’re actually into the music or not and what kind of artist you are. If you’re a rapper and you really like what you’re singing and you’re trying to make it your own, that’s what I call hip hop, which is a form of musical expression, just like rock music, but just different.

Korean hip hop: how to rap

A lot of musicians and artists are trying to find this place in pop culture (and sometimes even the mainstream) where “hip hop” can make a comeback. Some people have called it dead or at least in danger of fading away. Would you agree?

Not to take anything away from the other Korean acts that are doing really well. Just because they’ve had success doesn’t mean that they don’t have to evolve or change. Not only are there people who think hip hop is dead or irrelevant anymore, or at least that it’s not in the mainstream, but it’s definitely a part of pop music these days. It is part of the whole Korean pop culture, at least in the states.

When we think about Korean hip hop and the way it’s been evolving, we think about G.O.O.D. Monday, which is really big in the states. They have all these radio hits and a lot of the big Korean artists are definitely on their radar now. There are a lot of Korean rappers who have really grown and become stars. The fact that these rappers are all really popular in the US is amazing.

In the past, we haven’t really seen many Korean rappers on Billboard’s charts so we don’t know if there’s a Korean market for their music yet, but it would be awesome if there was because it would help bring these artists in the US.

If you could choose a single piece of Korean hip hop history, what would it be?

I think a lot of things go into my decision on rap. I would have to say that when it comes to K-pop, I would have to say

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