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It says a lot about the writer. It’s a word that means so much to me.”

The World Health Organization recently found that the population of children and adolescents whose mothers died of breast cancer grew by 10.7 percent between 2007 and 2013. The annual rate of childhood cancer deaths has plummeted to 0.6 cases per 1,000 children annually, almost half what it was in the United States in the 1970s. But, despite that, the rate of growth of non-white children in the United States remains staggeringly high—at 1.2 cases per 1,000.

So where is the sudden decline of breast cancer on the agenda among the American public and policymakers? In a recent survey, the American Cancer Society found that a third of mothers-to-be reported that there was something wrong with them if they did not breast-feed their children after they were born. In many communities the stigma associated with breast-feeding (like not knowing a mother who died from breast cancer) leaves these women feeling excluded or even abandoned. Mothers-to-be like the idea of more “comfortable” childcare. “I have had the opportunity to work in the hospital, or have volunteered here, [and] have noticed that there is more work and more respect for the worker who is working,” a woman told the ACS.

It was a sentiment echoed by the mother of a young child: “I have seen firsthand that when there is a breast-feeding opportunity, mothers are encouraged to nurse their children a little longer … I also know that I am seen more by nurses and other medical professionals who understand what being a working mom is all about.”

The most important thing to do is not to give in to these sorts of feelings, but to make it possible for women to do what they want to do. You know, that thing that, regardless of race or socio-economic status, they choose to do? Breast-feeding.

The US military says US military forces have killed dozens of terrorists in the past 30 days. The US military says the US military hasn’t released the names of the militants for security reasons in the wake of the Paris attacks.

“The military has carried out a series of operations across the terrorist group’s safe haven, including a raid on a safe house in the Khorasan region in Pakistan, and the capture of over 60 AQIS-aligned militants in Yemen, including five high-value AQIS leaders,” a statement released by the Department of Defense said.


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