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It’s nothing like what a bar is in pop.

What makes a good rap song? That’s really difficult to say. In hip hop, you have these “mood-jokes”, but they don’t really have a real identity in the moment. They are only there until they become relevant. But that’s what hip hop is about – that moment. It’s not about the beat, it doesn’t have to be a great song, it can have a great beat when it is actually good. It becomes what it is. And sometimes it’s not what it was intended to be, because it never has anything to do with the beat. So it’s really up to the artist and whether they really give a fuck.

So what is a great rap song? That one? There are a lot of them.

Who is your favourite rapper? I would say that it is Nas. He is one of the legends. I would put Wu-Tang Clan up there as well. It’s a shame that they are not as popular now.
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When you write a rap song, are there moments when you think “I’m going to screw it up” at all?

I think every rapper who does rap has moments where they are like “Fuck! Damn. I messed this one up. I’m going to screw it up!” But if you were on the inside you could see that it’s the right track. It’s really good. A lot of that goes towards the lyrics really, which is very important. I think I do what I’m supposed to do musically, but also lyrically, for people who are listening to the project and are listening to it for the first time and really enjoying it.

Do you write every rap song? Does it vary?

Yes. There was a song called “Bubble Butt” which I was still mad about at the end of the year. My verse was “Hey you, do you know how to do bubble butt?” It was done so badly I just hated it. I wanted to rip out the lyric, so I did. It was just a bad lyric. And there was one time on “Yung Rapunxel”, I was so mad when I wrote it, that I did an entire song by myself. I did it in my apartment; I just wrote the most offensive thing I could, just to be honest with you. And then I played it for you.

What are your favourite features?

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