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It’s probably the best.

You mean Eminem.

Oh, yeah. I know.

Does it suck that he was a bit too dark? I was reading your article on his new album, and he had a very dark line about his brother.

He was talking about how he was never accepted by his family. And I’m trying to say that he was talking about growing up in the ghetto and what that feels like.

Right on. Was that your inspiration?

Yeah. Of course [because] he’s an older brother.

How did you know?

Me and my sister are like three, and we actually knew about him. We had heard him on the radio, so as far as we knew he was just a regular kid. We would just call him like, “Yo, come on over. You got some good ideas for music. What are you playing?” And he said, “Yeah, I have some stuff.” So I was like, “Yo, if you could put that stuff out for free, why wouldn’t you do it?” And he just blew me away – I didn’t know he was that creative.

Why did he do that?

Because I have kids who are just, like, “Yo, you have some good albums.”

And I’m trying to tell you that [there’s] a time and a place for all different kinds of music. When you started, it was more of a commercial thing. It wasn’t that they had any interest in the artist.

When did you start putting out music when Jay was still at school?

It was always. I started putting out music and everything in my mind. When I came to New York, I still put out stuff. My daughter was born three months later.

What’s his new album gonna sound like?

[laughs] It’ll be dope, that’s for sure.

If you don’t, I’ll get out my headphones.
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Who do you play in the background?

I just play a bass [laughs].

What’s your favorite song?

I’ll always have a favorite. Like, my favorite is “I’m the One,” my dad’s song. It’s not that big of a hit. It’s just a good song to wake up and say to yourself, “Am I the only guy that looks good in this morning’s sun?”

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