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“Music is made by the people for the people” is what James Bond has always believed, because if he believes it, he should be able to make the money back! With no real business, you can make the music that you want. When you make music you have the responsibility to make it the best you can, but also to make a living and to save as many hours from day-to-day life as you can.

What is a great bar in a big city like London? What if we didn’t know that?

For a small business like ours, we have to understand that as a producer, your job is to be creative and have control, because you are making records, not having meetings. And in order to make the best music, you need to be flexible in your lifestyle. There are no rules and regulations that need to be adhered to and no standards of taste. It’s just about making something that you enjoy listening to.

When I say that, the way people view the big cities in Europe is that they are noisy and boring. But in London, I feel the best that I can do is to go there, have the whole night and relax in a dark room.

Do you think more and more bands that were not really ‘pro’ are now becoming more comfortable with the idea of selling out?

No, of course not. The idea of selling out is just a new way of doing bands that are coming from the underground to the big city. It’s not a new trend. It’s the same idea as if a girl is getting ready to marry and is now looking for someone to marry her and she’s got one foot out of the wedding dress. The one thing she’s not going to do is walk across the road and pick somebody out. Why not go through the town and go and see if there’s a really nice couple that could get married?

What about the way bands were once labelled and marketed towards teenage guys?

It’s funny. You can see today that all these people are all over radio right now. They’ve taken the sound of records and made music that is cool and catchy. I think that’s what we all want. People used to be more concerned about the band’s sound than their music, so they got all over the place trying to pick out a single that they were going to buy to put around the store, a record that they were going to be playing on the radio, but not get

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