What are the easiest words to rhyme with? – How To Learn Rap God Slow Part Layla Lesson

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I know a few: ‘chocolate and strawberry’. ‘I’m thinking about your face’. ‘I hope I see you again’. ‘How about having a cup of tea?’

And I’ll leave it to the rest of you writers to try and come up with a few more. Have you ever seen two words rhyming with each other that are so good they just stick together?

Have you ever run out of a word? Let us know in the comments or tweet at me on @golookatty or @rocksmiles.

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I’m not sure who’s supposed to say this, but it needs to be made clear: there are two “pockets” for America. We have our inner cities, where too many have become too segregated and impoverished, and the nation’s middle class, atrophying due both to declining tax receipts (and an increasing income disparity) and corporate-led globalism. The wealthy and corporations are trying to squeeze a bit more from our society, with both the rhetoric of “reform” and more “tax cuts” and “privatization.” I’ve heard some of these arguments being heard from Republican politicians, and it’s always nice to see one of them getting some airtime.

You may think that this would be a good time for Trump to talk about “education,” or “reforming” the welfare state, or that even if he’s not going to “reform” entitlements (even he admits he is proposing some), perhaps he should spend some time pushing for “jobs” programs designed to help “reform” the economy.

Trump’s “pockets” are empty. But they’re not too far apart. And I’d really like to get him to talk about them in order to help the “middle class.”

First let me give a quick historical context lesson. Back when Roosevelt was in office, a Republican had won several gubernatorial contests in the South, and was poised to win the presidency. A year later he took two out of four Southern states in his own, then national, party. One of his primary opponents was one of the founders of segregation, and the other one of a white supremacist group. The “reformers” lost that election, but the Southern states won another two elections in 1912 and 1915. The segregationist, George Wallace, won the South on a segregationist platform.

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