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The rap that made us great and made some good rap. And that’s not necessarily gangsta rap, that’s rap that was made by a bunch of good people in hip-hop, and that’s rap that got picked up by every country on the planet, even in the U.S.. We’re still here. We need a new term to use to describe what we’ve done. But that’s not true for the rest of the world.

DETROIT – As she spoke, Karen A. Davis said her 12-year-old daughter, Katie, was already sick.

“My baby is not feeling very well right now, and she isn’t breathing very well,” Davis said. “I can’t even tell when she’s not breathing because she’s so thin. She’s only 3 weeks old, but she’s starting to cry more than she does now, and that will get better.”

Davis said her daughter has experienced seizures, anaphylactic shock and severe eczema for the past four months. And it’s because of all of these things, her daughter was taken into an emergency room last week, and is experiencing even more illness ahead.

“She’s still not feeling well, like the last four hours,” Davis said. “She’s not able to use the toilet, so she’s on oxygen for what’s probably about 20 minutes. She’s got a tube coming into her nose, and she’s really thin now, and I think she will go into shock from the oxygen being in her nose.”

Davis said she wants to get Katie treated before she goes into shock. However, when she called her insurance company for a policy renewal, there was only one hospital she could have looked. Davis said the hospital didn’t even have a nurse practitioner on duty when she spoke to her.

“I was told what to look for, and I was told to call back every two weeks to find out what’s going on,” Davis said.

So there’s no longer a doctor on duty.

“Katie is still having seizures and she’s still having anaphylactic shock,” Davis said. “She’s a little bit behind on the medications, so I need to call her almost every other week, and if I can’t make it, I want to look for what’s called emergency room treatment, because if there’s no one to treat Katie, that’s what we’ll do. But so far, it has not been able to treat

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