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Snoopy’s a huge character, and the company decided to go after the kid’s popularity on that front as well. The first five-and-a-half-figure figure to be released in 2016, the figure features Snoopy on horseback, waving his “Stache” in the air. The figure is made out of cardboard and is available in either gold or silver (or both). I won’t spoil too much more for you; the figure’s not quite finished and, frankly, the design is a little ugly.

6. Hot Wheels

How much is Hot Wheels worth? Like many toy companies, Hot Wheels has been around since 1971. The line encompasses nearly every era of toy car. It was the first company to take advantage of the mass-produced toys’ packaging and packaging designs, and while it’s not the last, the line’s popularity has made it one of the highest-earning toy companies in the world.


Over the years, the figure line has grown more successful; in 2013, one Hot Wheels figure sold more than $500,000, according to Toy Fair estimates. In addition to the figures themselves, Hot Wheels also makes “Hot Wheels” trucks, cars, bikes and action figures. The line features different characters each year—for example, Hot Wheels Action Heroes from 2011 are different from 2015 Hot Wheels Action Heroes—though they’ve gotten progressively more detailed in recent years. The line has seen a lot of product from both new and experienced production lines over the years, but it’ll still never come close to matching the company’s original appeal.

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