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It’s a little harder with the number 16, since you have to add 1/6 more seconds (8*16) when you divide by 2.

You also need to keep the amount of time you spent per time unit, because you will get to the point where you’re not going to continue. If you’re going to stop at a certain point, you’ll probably need 16 units of time.

Let’s say you’re not going to stop. You are now going to divide the total amount of time spent for each side by 3 (the amount of seconds):

$=16 \times 3 = 12.5 hours

So we need to be able to get through about 12 hours if we’re going over the 18 hours we’ll be getting to. This will make sense if you think of it in terms of how many minutes were in the day and how many hours were in day.

Let’s break this down so you can better understand the math:

We are making a loop through the day and calculating how many hours have been spent.

Here’s the amount of time that we have divided by.
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We are determining how many units of time we have used for this loop. This will include the time it takes to calculate how many seconds the loop took, plus the time it took to divide.

We divide the result by the number of seconds in the day.

We use this to find our final total.

We now know a little more about how many different units of time we are measuring and the total amount of time it took to reach each total. These are just to show the math of how much time and how many units each part took.

Let’s say we’ve decided we want to do a 4-hour day of biking. We will divide the amount of time we spent for each day by 3 to get how many hours were spent on the bike.

$=4 \times 3 = 30.5 hours

So we need around 30 minutes of biking each day to be able to complete our 4-hour bike ride. Not as much as it sounds like this, but let’s say you want to finish by 11:59 PM.

Let’s say we want to do a 5-hour run. Divide the number of minutes spent for each day by 3 to get how many hours each run took.

$=5 \times 3 = 35.5 minutes

We would need around 35 minutes

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