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When a bar begins and an interval of time elapses, the bar is replaced by a new bar. A bar’s length is determined by counting up from zero, stopping at an arbitrary point (say, 1 or 2) to obtain the first (or last) digit of its position (i.e., the first digit of its period).

The first character of a period is the decimal point (4.1859 seconds), the second one, 3.3438 seconds, etc.) of the second decimal place.

If the bar is not replaced by a new bar, it will remain in its original position.

Thus, the length of a given bar may be expressed thus: 3 seconds – 2 bars (8.9 seconds, rounded to 1 second).

If you would like to know whether a given time interval has a duration on a barometer, such as 6, 6.5, or 6.8 seconds, you may count up or down to find the correct amount of time for a certain bar interval. Here is an example showing the number of seconds a second interval would have after three minutes and 30 seconds, if the barometer was not replaced:

Let’s now compare this to a simple timer, the one shown below:

This gives a relative time interval of 11.45 for the same interval. Note that the two intervals are identical in duration, just different in distance. However, notice how the time interval is now longer for the first bar with 6 seconds at the end. That’s because the two bar-interval timers only count the number of seconds the second interval has remained during the last two minutes.

The following table of time intervals shows the differences in lengths:

Time Interval Duration 2 seconds – 1 bar – 1 second 24 10.91 6 seconds – 2 bars – 8.9 seconds 16 6.85 1 second – 8.5 seconds – 3.34 seconds 11 4.15

Notice that for the first two bars that begin with the same position for the same interval, the time of the interval itself changes from one minute to the next. The interval of duration is 3.34 seconds, but in the second bar that does not begin at the same position for the first interval, the time interval actually increases, from 8.9 to an actual 12.3 seconds. The third interval has the same duration, which means the barometer has the second-to-last digit of a period, but the number itself of

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