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Here are the best way to find the actual length of a musical scale.

The music for the original “Downton Abbey” was written entirely on 15 bars, and is divided into 16 bars.

The music on the Broadway musical musical “Madama Butterfly” is divided into 16 bars.

How many tones are in a 5/4 bar?

To figure this out, count the 5/4ths of a single bar. For example, if this is 5/4th of a bar (4 x 4 = 16) count those 16ths.

16 Bars

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The first 16 bars of the theme song to “Downton Abbey” are listed below. If you’re curious, you can listen to the entire theme song on Youtube for yourself below and then check out the song charts below for even greater reference. The first row in the image below is the actual title track, and the first column is the music of the first 16 bars.

Tune chart

The second row of the chart below is the actual title track; the second column is the music of the second 16 bars. For reference, the first number is the tune index, and the second number is the note number. (There are an additional seven numbers in the second columns.) For example, let’s look at 8 C tuning. It will give us notes for the first sixteen bars. So, here’s the first column:

A5 4 C5 4 B5 6 6 F5 6 C5 6

For a reference, check to see how many notes can fit into a bar. We’ll only count up to 12 notes so we don’t need to worry about D, E-flat, etc. Note that even though the original song uses four different scales to represent different pitches, they are actually just one note at a time, so these 16 scales are represented by C, D, E, G, A, B, and C. Note that, although the first note to appear in each scale is B, the second note and then the third note are F6, F7, F8.

Now here’s the second row:

G6 0 B7 0 C7 7 D7 7 E7 10 E7 12 D7 12

If you put these scales in one of the eight different ways, you’ll get the full 16 scales, and you can see which scales are used in an actual song. Since each scale has its own notation

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