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If you’re lucky enough to be a black rapper, you probably can’t rap fast enough. Most of your rhymes come out in less than two bars. Even if you’re an A/B artist who likes to sing out of time—say, with a slow rap verse—you’ll still hit your key on two bars. (You know the rest.)

A few years ago, in a conversation with The Atlantic writer Will Vinton, rap writer Daveed Diggs described the same phenomenon as the “toy” of rap songs: “Just play it out on [a] turntable and have it all flow out on the dance floor with just those two bars, just you and the music, so the music can fill your body.” That’s good advice. But what if hip-hop’s greatest toy is already out on the dance floor—the rap verse.

The US president’s new strategy for combating Isis has been leaked.

The strategy, which was announced in the White House on Friday, is reportedly a comprehensive and coordinated strategy to defeat Isis, though it will not address the root of the problem.

Trump has already taken steps by sending additional forces to the fight against Isis, including the decision to send 4,000 additional troops to Iraq.

The new strategy is said to include the “direct action” plan to fight Isis which was presented in a speech in May, which included the deployment of a large contingent of troops to Syria.

The strategy has come as tensions have mounted over the deployment of a large US Marine Corps contingent near the Syrian border.

The move, first reported by Reuters, was seen by the Turkish military as a “provocation” by the US, Turkey’s prime minister, Binali Yildirim, said.

US military said in May that it planned to deploy a second brigade of roughly 2,000 marines in northern Syria in coordination with the Kurds.

“The presence of the US troops near the Euphrates Valley would make the situation even more dangerous due to the fact that the Turks are the biggest military force on the border and will likely attempt to launch an offensive against this force,” said Maj-Gen Mark Binskin.

But after a warning from America’s chief of general staff, retired Gen John Kelly, that Washington’s presence could trigger a retaliatory attack by Turkey, who believes the marines are fighting alongside Isis, the US has backed off its plan to add another large military base to northern Iraq.

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