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The usual way: by rolling your tongue over the center of the bowl and swallowing. It sounds strange, and it is. But it works. And, as you’ve probably noticed, with just a tablespoon of syrup, you can do the same with more or less any amount of chocolate. This is great for eating for breakfast and lunch. Or on a hot day after a tough workout.


4. Mashed Pecans

How do you eat them? The usual way: cut them in half, place in a large bowl of powdered sugar and microwave until firm. If you try to eat them this way, they will just melt, like most mashed potatoes, and break into little pieces which will taste bland. They are best eaten quickly, when warm, with cream and butter, or hot off the stove. They’re great as a side, on a bagel, on a sandwich, on an omelette. Or just as a snack, on it’s own, a few spoonfuls, every day, or all day long – when you’re feeling really lazy and like a full meal without it (like while watching television).

5. Cottage Cheese

How do you eat it? Easy. You simply spoon it into the mouth and mash it down, gently at first, until it starts to form a ball of tender cheese. The consistency can vary from dry to smooth, depending on what you’re using it for. This is a very good snack that makes a terrific breakfast, snack, or even when you’re just hungry for a snack!


6. Rice Krispies Treats

How do you eat them? The usual way: Put one into your pocket and take it home. The crunch of crunchy rice candy melts over your tongue and makes it wonderful, almost addictive. You can eat them whole and make them into bars (so they can be shared among friends) or you can simply put them into a baggy with a little sugar and some whipped cream and go. They’re great.

7. Chewy Caramel Candy

How do you eat them? It depends, but the best way is to buy a container of vanilla ice cream, melt it, and pour it over the marshmallow. Then add some powdered sugar to the caramel and add just a few drops of water, and that is the way to go. They’re a great treat for kids for any occasion and a great holiday treat or snack.


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