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You don’t have to.”

“The other two did, don’t they?” she teased, pointing at the two teenagers.

“I think, no, it looks more like a ball than a bar,” Danny replied.

“I don’t know what it is, but it looks like a ball!” Rachel laughed. “Do you want to know what your boyfriend said? ‘No, I don’t have a girlfriend or my balls aren’t…’? Well, I have been wondering what he thinks of them right now.”

“I really like my balls!” Danny gushed, giving them the one-sided hug he loved.

“And look what it did to your hand!” Rachel went on. “We need something cool, I know, but I bet these would take me all off if I started rubbing them up against my…uh…butt!”

“Don’t!” Danny protested. “You’re going to feel like shit when those things are done but you won’t know until you try!”

Rachel and Danny stared at each other for a long time, then said, “Well I’ll tell you, it’ll be really fun!” And then they stood up, giggling.

“So wait, what are you girls?” Danny asked.

Rachel’s face became grave. “I’m actually a student at college, a student in charge of a robotics lab. It’s a really cool job, but I don’t think there’s a part of it where we can get free drinks. Like I said, I want a boyfriend or a girlfriend.”
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“Hm…Well that wouldn’t surprise me,” Danny said. “Or would it?”

“I guess.”

Before he could think about it, Danny was grabbing a pint of coke and handing it to Rachel. After putting off a sip, he pulled back a few inches, his hand coming back sweaty with grease.

“That was…not the best idea,” he muttered under his breath.

“I don’t know where you saw it coming from,” Rachel said. “It was like…how do you call it in British? I can’t think of a better word.”

“It is a good thing you didn’t think it through,” he said grimly. He swallowed and began eating the second beer, getting up to turn and walk out, but Rachel held on tight and walked in front of him, stopping him from leaving. He took a

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