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There are a lot of tips that will help you make bars. Here are some more tips to help you achieve that perfect mix of sugar and cream.

Start with the caramel

First, start with the caramel! Use the caramel to melt the sugar. The best caramel is from a can, with room temperature caramel for added texture. If using a candy bar, caramelize the top of it. Once it is set, add the cornstarch, vanilla, and milk.
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Then use the whipped cream

Using a piping bag, pipe the whipped cream onto the bars. The best way to do this is to line the pipe with a piping bag that has a large end. Then, pipe the caramel onto the piping bag. Finally, pipe the whipped cream around the outside.

Get the swirl right!

I know, I know…you didn’t like the taste of the cream cheese and sugar combo. It’s okay–you just needed to know how to improve on it before you tried this recipe. The first step to making a great swirl is to try not to get too much pressure on the piping bag. Also, take extra care as it is hard to handle. If you can do it, it will be great.

I use a mini cup with my piping bag, but you could try a coffee cup instead if you have a bigger one.

When the caramel is set, pour the whipped cream on top and then cut into your bars.

Let them sit in the fridge

This is just as important as the last tip. If you aren’t already using parchment paper. If you are, then it’s a must. I used a little paper towel and it was enough for 10 small bars.

Don’t forget to let them “set”

So, you have a really good recipe, but you didn’t get the swirl right. Let it set for a couple of days and it should be perfect.

When you come out of the fridge, scoop a scoop out of the bottom of the bag. Then, put a spoon of milk inside.

Let it set overnight

This will help the chocolate get that glossy color. Also, it is nice for the caramel to not get too sticky.

If your bars are too hard before you give them a few days, let it set for an hour. This will help the cocoa butter get more solid.

And that’s it! Your whipped cream chocolate bars should

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