How do you rhyme? – Nle Choppa Type Of Beats To Learn Rapid Programming Code

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Do you ever use a rhyme to make me remember anything? Because you know, I love you. And one day I’ll feel the same about you. (Pause) Okay? What makes me feel better, though!? Your eyes, they’re always so bright. No, no, it’s okay to stop crying. You see, I’m not crazy…just kidding…let’s go out to our room. You’ll come back in a couple minutes. I got a nice, romantic walkman. (Pause) Oh, it’s a stereo, right? It’s so cute, I want to try it out while we hang out. It’s got the same quality that the one we found at my sister’s home. It’s the best thing! I want you to hear me sing. I want to sing to you. You know…because it will feel so good when you hear that special song that means so, so much to me. The song of the lost boy. Let me just put my arms around you. Are you ok? You sound scared. Well, I hope that you’re ok, because this is a very big kiss…and I’m going to be a good little girl and let you go. (Moan) You’re…so big for me. I can feel you getting bigger every day. (Pause) Yeah…yeah it feels good. (Shorter) I said I won’t be hard, but…I guess I will (more moaning), I guess you might see that? I mean…I could see if you’re hard. You know, from this angle. So do you want me to push my lips against your big, beautiful, firm chest? (Pause) That’s ok, really. Let me just kiss your neck. And you could see if a bra is on. (Moan) Oh baby, you feel so big, so big for me. But…don’t pull away or anything. (Longer) (Teasing) Ok, come on, you wanna taste my body? (Pause) Come here. You can just lift your arms right up. Just like that. Come on baby, you wanna taste my pussy too? Ohh, you’re really good at that, you know? I gotta kiss your neck too, just as I said. Let’s hear it. (Pause) You like when I kiss your neck? (Moan) That was good. Mmmm, you’re so soft, baby, you’re so hard. You feel good

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