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What does a car make you think about while you’re sitting in it?”

Cable and satellite TV providers are currently working on their streaming-based video services. They can’t even figure out their own software for handling that complicated stuff; the only apps that allow live, in-program play from the Internet, and from a remote app on your TV, are from the cable providers.
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So these apps have been forced to rely on the TV’s remote controls for the most common operations that people want to do from their TV. What if I wanted the ability to record and play back to the Web using my tablet/phone? I guess I could connect this app to the cable provider’s app on the TV, which is what I would think most of us would want. Unfortunately this seems unlikely and this seems like something that only the TV’s remote might have been able to do.

This doesn’t stop some media folks from trying, though. One video-tech enthusiast made an app called Tivo. It will record and stream HD channels to your local TV; you can also control playback. It’s available directly from the developer’s

A Tivo product page

It runs in the Google Android browser, but it supports the Android TV browser too. The page shows how it will sync with other Android devices that have Chromecast compatibility, and of course it also has a Web app for browsing.

The app uses Chromecast’s built-in remote, which is nice and easy to use. It can be setup on your TV remotely using a web browser. You can even set a Chromecast-compatible mobile device that also runs this app as a remote to control it so you can watch on your phone or tablet.

It’s worth noting, though, that this is just one remote control; there are also third-party DVR products that use the hardware buttons on the TV as well. You might see similar apps from various other software companies.

This is a great opportunity to develop apps for your tablet or phone. The possibilities are unlimited, and the best part is that we’ve all got our fingers crossed for the future of this technology.

This is the second of three parts in a series comparing the two teams that faced off on Opening Day of spring training:

The Boston Red Sox can win it. The Seattle Mariners can’t.

If you were starting a baseball team from scratch for the 2012 season, you’d be looking at a bunch of familiar names, but

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