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It doesn’t matter how fast or difficult something is to produce. It’s how well they get the feel right for the listener, at that instant.

That’s when you get the song feel.

Exactly. That’s when everything comes together. But as soon as they have it, you can see what they’re doing—then you have your whole album. So it’s not like you have to work out the words so much. Then you can work on the flow with beats, and you can see it and feel it in the studio. In this industry, it’s like the whole production process, the first idea, the first line, the first chord. It’s all that. It’s hard to break that down. But I had never been in a room when I was writing with him. It didn’t work with this one song that we got. We didn’t even want to try it. When we get a lot of stuff to try, we’ll take a few months off—I mean, if it doesn’t work, we don’t want to come back to it. But it was the first one we’ve ever made together. I feel like I’m still making beats.

I’ve heard rumors that you’ve worked with A$AP Rocky, that he’s done the production on several of your most recent work? If that’s true, how can we expect that kind of approach in your next album?

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I haven’t. We were on vacation for a little while. I’m working with him. I just got back [from a tour], and he sent me a bunch of new stuff, too. It’s not on this album, by the way. It’s a different record. You can’t really expect that [laughs].

Where did the name “The Dream Catalogue” come from?

Oh man—I started with a friend of mine who plays drums—and he gave me the idea at the end of last year. It just came out of nothing. I was having a party at my house. My friend told me, ‘You gotta do this. We need to have a label called The Dream Catalogue.’ He knows the name, so it’s not a problem.

How does that album feel to you?

I’m glad that it’s here. The people have always been cool with me to put my stuff out. It’s all about trying to work your way up, so it’s not a big, huge deal. So

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