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You’ve probably heard of many different ways of producing, but have you tried any of them yourself? What do you think about producing on iOS or Android?

In the last twenty or thirty years, a good number of American artists have created their own soundtracks (no pun intended) and been very popular. Here are ten of the best:

Harrison Bergeron – “Hallelujah” by The Rolling Stones (1969)

The music was recorded by the late, great Steve Albini that was used by The Beatles.

John Williams – “Star Wars” by John Williams (1980)

Star Wars is a 1977, space opera. It’s based on a story from George Lucas but they had a lot of creative freedom. They were given the freedom to make whatever they wanted. This is still one of Hollywood’s best scores.

Ralph Jones – “American Pie” by David Guetta (1990)

Guetta does some great things with this score but this one is certainly his best.

Michael Jai White – “Star Wars” by John Williams (1980)

This is one of the most famous tracks in cinema history and you can’t not love it (and you can’t not hear the famous “Star Wars” theme).

Jonny Greenwood – “The Night (of the Hunter)” by Jeff Lynne (1989)

It’s the opening scene with Jason Patric, played by Michael Caine, and a guy who calls himself the Night (played by Jonny Greenwood). He’s a hunter, and he finds a child that was hunted to near death and brings him to the city.

Baroness’ “Frozen” by Jonni Darkko (2014)

It’s quite an achievement. It has a great soundtrack and it goes into the atmosphere rather than just the story itself.

“Cars” (1979)

The soundtrack to the 1975 film. This is arguably the most famous soundtrack of all time and a huge hit.

“The Book of Mormon” by Stephen Stills (2003)

Stills did a lot of great music but this theme is his. This score is perfect as the character of Mormon comes back from Jerusalem.

“All About Eve” by John Williams (1977)

Williams did a great score for Shakespeare and it’s based on a story from the play. It was the title track of Williams’ movie and was played by all the

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