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Rap lessons are offered at the Community Institute of San Francisco’s (CIS Farragut and Van Ness) community and elementary schools. These are great places to start. First, the CIF offers free, in-person instruction, with weekly lessons taking place Wednesday mornings at 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. The classes are limited to just ten students each, so sign up early!

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What is learning to rap?

Rap is a style of hip hop, consisting mainly of rhymes and short beats, and covers a lot of styles of music. Rap music is produced by different people, and is often based on music made in different eras, but it’s usually influenced by the same basic style (although it can often take much influences from other genres). There is a ton of material out there now for anyone to learn rap – but there is also a lot of variation in that material.

Do I need to know any other hip hop to learn rap?

Rap isn’t about being a great rapper – it’s about being fun to listen to! If you’re looking for some good, accessible content, we’ve got most of it here. If you want more general instruction, visit the CIF’s website, their website, or check out some of our free lessons.

Are there any restrictions on who can do rap lessons at the community institute?

Sure. If you’re looking for a bit more than instruction, you can also sign up and perform in music with all the hip hop artists in attendance.

Is rap a very important part of my curriculum?

Absolutely! We have several music classes, and other musical instruction is offered by other community institutes, school districts, or even the San Francisco School Board.

Do the rap lessons cost money?

Absolutely not. They are available for free! The cost of instruction can vary depending on when you’re enrolled and how many lessons you take.

My children are both really into rap, and I am curious about their rap abilities. Can I introduce them to hip hop?

A lot! Check out our hip hop education resources or contact us or the Institute.

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