Do raps have to rhyme? – How To Master The Art Of Rapping

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Can’t rap songs be a series of words that go on for hours at a time, and the end product be just as good? Sure, I could understand if rappers were making music that had too few words and too much structure, but the majority of them are not.

Rappers have to rapping to do what the media wants, and most of them do not rapping for the simple reasons that they have to. They’re not making art. Rap is for the masses who can dance around for ten seconds before passing out. In fact, I don’t believe any of my college buddies who ever rapped when I was in college (except for some of my friends who rapped like Jayzus and J. Cole) rapped for the simple reason that when you don’t rap a lot, you just have to. You can’t do it, it’s not worth it, and it’ll mess up your flow completely. Rap is a tool to improve your flow, if you’ll excuse the expression. It should be used as inspiration, to be used like a tool, but even the best of them still have to learn how to rap. You don’t need to be doing it for the love of it. Rapper who’s not good at rapping are bad.

Rappers have to rap because they’re paid to rap, because they have a huge market on the streets that is hungry for information and what not, and the media needs them to sell them. The fact that we can do this as a culture and not require rappers to be professional entertainers who are paid to rap shows the vast amount of ignorance that this industry has. It’s an art form that requires a trained expert, and this industry is lacking in it. If we can get rid of the idea that artists have to do this for money, then we can see what’s actually being achieved. The idea of not being able to do it for the love of it is a complete lie.

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It’s time to let go of the idea that this industry needs rap artists because it’s a job. If rappers didn’t have these jobs, they would be doing it for free. This is one of those jobs that I’m not saying they’re not worth doing, but it’s the reason why you get paid to raps. If hip-hop were completely a hobby, then the same thing would apply in other professions, not to mention we’d get rid of a large part of the art in the art field. But the

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